Vintage Karl Lagerfeld Men’s Tuxedo Winter Jacket/Coat (2004)

Vintage Karl Lagerfeld Tuxedo Coat for H&M (2004)

Vintage Karl Lagerfeld Tuxedo Coat for H&M (2004)

I had an ad on for a Vintage Karl Lagerfeld Men’s Tuxedo Winter Jacket/Coat for hmmm maybe 2 years now.  I was doing a bit of a clear out and forgotten about it.  I got it when I was in the UK in 2004 when Karl had done an extensive line for the H&M brand.  I had the intention to get it altered and made into a ladies more fitted coat.  But it would have cost way too much money so on it went.

This past Fall I took it to a second-hand consignment store just off Jane Subway Station here in Toronto to see if it would move a bit faster.  I would have made a fraction of the cost after the store owner took her cut but I thought let’s try.  It obviously never sold and I’m glad the store didn’t make a profit off it.  Holding on for a few more months (albeit through a kijiji ad) I was able to take home a lil more cash in pocket.

I received an e-mail the other night from a young man enquiring about the coat.  I thought great finally the jacket will get to go to a new home.  We arranged to meet up today.  When I took the jacket out this morning to pack it up I remembered how pretty it was.

Here are the deets:

·         it was a black heavy winter wool jacket/coat with a tuxedo collar

·         three front buttons, exterior pockets and two interior pockets

·         fully lined with a back vent

·         the wrists and the bottom of the jacket are impeccably stitched and have beautiful detailing

·         the back of the jacket has a defined small band with two buttons for added detail

I hope I’m not coming off as sentimental – but I am happy the young man who purchased the jacket loves it.   Hopefully he’ll get some good use out of it and maybe introduce that lil tuxedo jacket to a whole new life.


Mel xo

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