Nick Hornby Wrote Me Back

So I sent Nick Hornby’s publicist a copy of my blog post a few days ago just as a head’s up on press.  As seen here:

On Friday I get an email from a ‘Nick’, subject of the email ‘From Nick Hornby’.

The email was short and sweet and read:

Dear Melanie,

Thank you. I love you too.

Nick Hornby

Enough said.  😉



12 thoughts on “Nick Hornby Wrote Me Back

    1. thirtyfourflavours Post author

      To say I was shocked was an understatement. I stared at the email for a moment and then closed my email and walked away. A few hours later I opened the email again and felt teary. He has to be my favourite author. There are so many memories, relationships, love affairs and moments in time attached to his books and words. Knowing he read a post that details an experience attached to finding one of his books online was extremely exciting. Do you like his work too? Mel xo


      1. Farah Ng @ Broken Penguins

        I haven’t read any of his books but I loved, loved, loved An Education. He wrote the screenplay for that movie and I thought he tapped into something that we have such a hard time articulating: the wonderful and scary world of naiveté.


      2. thirtyfourflavours Post author

        agreed. 😉 loved ‘an education’. if you can pick up some of his books from the library. they are lovely. i see you are a toronto girl too. 😉 we gotta stick together.


    1. thirtyfourflavours Post author

      Agreed! Especially one who’s work has carved out a place into moments in my life. The musical soundtrack in his work also inspired my music tastes to this day. Mel xo



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