The Toronto Uniform: Canada Goose Jackets, TNA Bags and Ugg Boots

Be forewarned – this post is about to get brutal.  I’ve been holding this in for awhile.  I apologize in advance for offending some.

Ok at first it was cute.  I thought it was neat that we Canadians all got together and embraced a Canadian product and kept the cash money here in Canada.  I don’t know if it’s only in Toronto or all over Canada; I just want to scream out, ‘enough with the Canada Goose Jackets already!’.

This isn’t the first winter either.  It’s probably the third winter in a row these damn jackets are all over town.  My friend Audrey said on a FB post this past week ‘what are they giving them away?’.  Um no.  They aren’t cheap.  I’m too lazy to do the research to find out how much they cost but I’m assuming they are over $500 CAD.  Possibly closer to $800.

We’ve been having a mild winter in Toronto this year.  Not a lot of snow and it’s not crazy cold either.  These Canada Goose jackets are meant for the arctic.  Not Toronto winters.  Thus wearing these jackets around town right now is ridiculous.

Fifteen years ago, I actually considered buying a Canada Goose jacket – but instead opted for a $500 Burton snowboarding jacket that I had for 10 years and then ended up donating to a friend.  Best investment ever.  That jacket took so much abuse but still was in immaculate condition when I gave it up.

When I was in Boston in the Fall I went to the Wrentham Village Premium Outlets and bought an Eddie Bauer parka for around $150 USD from their outlet store.  A good sturdy jacket, fitted, slim, appropriately lined for layering purposes and a decent hood.  It’ll do me for a few years.  Hopefully 10 – that’s always my aim for winter jackets mainly because I am so picky and like value for money.

Back to Canada Goose – ok enough with my rant.  But if it’s not Canada Goose jackets infiltrating this city it’s also those damn TNA bags and Ugg Boots (I call them Ughhh).

I remember when I was a kid I wanted some Jordache designer jeans and instead of them my dad bought me Road Runner. He always pulled that shit on me. I was 10.  I was so pissed at the time – but I remember wearing them and thinking I hated them.  Over time, it felt awesome being a lil different than the Italian girls in my class who were all wearing the same dyam jeans.  That started my foray into punk rockness and being a lil different.  Yep – even as a wee one.

Sometimes I wonder if Torontonians have any real style.  Why do these Canada Goose, TNA and Ugg wearing people have to continually copy each other and copy the latest trend?  If you think about it, they are the same ‘type’ of person.  Followers.  Seriously people – stop following the crowd and get your own style mystique together.

Naomi Klein – we need you.

2 thoughts on “The Toronto Uniform: Canada Goose Jackets, TNA Bags and Ugg Boots

  1. Naturally Polished

    I am going to get slaughtered…maybe but……Uggs….is an appropriate name…… many choices out there…… 😉



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