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Sigur Ros – March 30, 2013 (Toronto, Air Canada Centre)

Sigur Ros - March 30, 2013 (Toronto, Air Canada Centre)

Sigur Ros – March 30, 2013 (Toronto, Air Canada Centre)

My mate Michelle had a spiritual experience watching Sigur Ros when we were in Chicago last summer at Lollapalooza.  I wasted my time watching the Sheepdogs, when really I should have been with Michelle.  On our flight back to Toronto she made me listen to a song from that moved me.  Their song lyrics and musical arrangements hurt my heart as we said goodbye to our summer holiday in Chicago.

When Michelle heard that SR was planning a tour that would bring them to Toronto last night – she snapped us up tickets.

I didn’t know what to expect – being transparent, I don’t own anything from them.  But I knew in my heart their emotional and ethereal sounds is what I needed to make me swoon on a Easter weekend already filled with heavy thoughts and a pained heart.

SR’s new harder and more aggressive-sounding Kveikur drops June 18.  It is anxiously awaited from their last Valtari offering.  From what we sampled last night – not only were the tracks laden with musical triumphs but lyrics that captured a sombre yet  invigorated mood in a hockey arena that was transformed into an intimate concert stage.

At one point during the concert I said to Michelle that I forgot where I was.  I totally spaced out for a moment.  The images that were being aired on the projection screen showcased water, rocks, climbing and running people, trees and volcanoes which only amplified the music that it was dancing alongside.  It was very spa- like soothing but at the same time very rock n roll.  Watching SR in concert is like watching a living art installation.

Sigur Ros is one band that I encourage you to see in your lifetime.  Hands down.  Even if you were to see them alone – bearing witness to what I saw last night will not only make you feel more humble of a human being but also appreciative of the emotional rawness that comes from inhaling a different musical style far away from the cookie cutter norm.



Ný Batterí








Með Blóðnasir

Olsen Olsen







Target comes to Cloverdale Mall (Etobicoke)

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I checked out Target at the Cloverdale Mall (Etobicoke) this morning. I was there for 10:30 a.m. and it was heaving. I’m glad I wasn’t there for the 8 a.m. open because I can only imagine the droves of folks waiting to get in. Too much for this gal. 😉

Cloverdale Mall is an interesting mall. It’s been around for decades and in the last few years it has really done a good job rebranding their image to get with the times. Now that they have Target, the out of town relative with the big bucks – I guarantee this mall will be the place to be for a whole new generation of shopper. Times are a changing in Etobicoke.

Now onto Target. Bottom line – I was disappointed. The pricing in store for the majority of Target’s goods was insanely expensive to Canadian price standards. Sales? None. What are we not good enough?

When I have been to Target in the States – I could always guarantee to pick up a couple of tee’s, children’s clothes, jewellery items or a fashion bag all on clearance or at least on sale. Prices would range from $1 to $10 USD. In store today I saw jewellery priced at $10 and a dress at $29.99. Look we are not talking Banana Republic in quality people. This is the Zeller’s ‘Merona’ brand. I can find a dress for $29.99 with a coupon at BR at 30% off which would last me a few years.

The store was neatly arranged and there was a lot of space to move around. I like the small but generously laden grocery section. I went looking for my $1.99 Goldfish (Target USD prices) and found instead $2.99 Target CAD Goldfish. There were a few signs around the food area which stated ‘We’re In the Process of Stocking Up So You Can Too’. Cheeky. Cute. Very Target.

There is a Pharmacy in store and a Starbucks. No Target Food Hall. Boo. I loved picking up a $1.29 hot dog while romping around the store in Buffalo.

The beauty and personal care area of the store was massive. The Sonia Kashuk and Pixi lines were present. Too bad the JK Jemma Kidd line didn’t come over the border to greet us. Nor the Boots line. Its early days I guess. I can’t be that picky. 😉

I liked the home decor section – albeit it was small. It feels like Target is trying to rip off Anthropologie’s design aesthetic. Ok, that’s cool. But again, the prices! I could probably find neater things at Homesense for a lot less.

I found a cool Record Player for $89.99 in the electronics aisle. I will be awaiting this baby’s price reduction.

I also liked the wall of bags in the accessories area of the store. A nice mix of casual and funkier bags that Target in the U.S. has lost its touch on in the last few years. The prices were affordable and I was surprised that there were some styles that looked like quality leather goods (but weren’t).

The gold mine is in the shoe area. The prices again need to be worked on but the sweet sandals, cow boy booties and rain boots were on trend.

There were a lot of sales staff on the floor willing to help. They felt authentically friendly and not pushy. A huge check! I observed them taking people to product on the floor. Refreshing. There was some sales staff working away whilst others stood and greeted shoppers.

I overhead some shoppers say things like ‘Another American retailer?’, ‘These prices suck’, ‘Oooh I love those shoes’ and ‘I’m coming back again!’. There were young families, elderly folk and people in to see what all the fuss was about. It was fun! I may not have bought something today – but I will be back once the dust settles.