Sigur Ros – March 30, 2013 (Toronto, Air Canada Centre)

Sigur Ros - March 30, 2013 (Toronto, Air Canada Centre)

Sigur Ros – March 30, 2013 (Toronto, Air Canada Centre)

My mate Michelle had a spiritual experience watching Sigur Ros when we were in Chicago last summer at Lollapalooza.  I wasted my time watching the Sheepdogs, when really I should have been with Michelle.  On our flight back to Toronto she made me listen to a song from that moved me.  Their song lyrics and musical arrangements hurt my heart as we said goodbye to our summer holiday in Chicago.

When Michelle heard that SR was planning a tour that would bring them to Toronto last night – she snapped us up tickets.

I didn’t know what to expect – being transparent, I don’t own anything from them.  But I knew in my heart their emotional and ethereal sounds is what I needed to make me swoon on a Easter weekend already filled with heavy thoughts and a pained heart.

SR’s new harder and more aggressive-sounding Kveikur drops June 18.  It is anxiously awaited from their last Valtari offering.  From what we sampled last night – not only were the tracks laden with musical triumphs but lyrics that captured a sombre yet  invigorated mood in a hockey arena that was transformed into an intimate concert stage.

At one point during the concert I said to Michelle that I forgot where I was.  I totally spaced out for a moment.  The images that were being aired on the projection screen showcased water, rocks, climbing and running people, trees and volcanoes which only amplified the music that it was dancing alongside.  It was very spa- like soothing but at the same time very rock n roll.  Watching SR in concert is like watching a living art installation.

Sigur Ros is one band that I encourage you to see in your lifetime.  Hands down.  Even if you were to see them alone – bearing witness to what I saw last night will not only make you feel more humble of a human being but also appreciative of the emotional rawness that comes from inhaling a different musical style far away from the cookie cutter norm.



Ný Batterí








Með Blóðnasir

Olsen Olsen







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