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2013 Summer Music Festival Outfit Ideas

I know it’s April bit I’m starting some early planning to get my Lollapalooza outfits in order.  I have learned from going to Lolla for the last two years is that comfort, breathability and also looking cute is important.

I’m not 20 anymore so I’m not interested in wearing shorty shorts – but mini’s and dresses are always good especially in 45 degree Celsius Chicago heat.  Being able to sit on grass, walk miles between venues, manoeuver in and out of 90,000 + people crowds, be able to do my business easily and fast in a porta potty without a lot of fuss and most of all be able to rock out are all equally important.

Here are some 2013 Summer Music Festival Outfit Ideas for you to ponder and as you start your brainstorming.

Intersections Day Dress www.anthropologie.com

Intersections Day Dress http://www.anthropologie.com

So this dress maybe too pricey at $68.00 USD for Lollapalooza.  But it is pretty and comfy.  Perfect to wear with a sandal and then switch up later in the day with a KEDS sneaker if your feet start to ache.  If it rains and your legs need some warmth you can bring a long a legging to slide into which can be done easily without much fuss.

River Island Misha Mexican Dress from www.asos.com

River Island Misha Mexican Dress from http://www.asos.com

One thing you can always be guaranteed to find me in every summer is a cool Mexican inspired dress.  The ones I like are always mini, adorned with some kind of embroidery and beading.  They tend to be pricey but you can find some neat varieties on ebay.  I like this dress to travel in.  You can pop a cardigan on top or the day of the music festival pair it up with a jean jacket when it gets colder at night.  With a gladiator you will look super swish.

Very By Vero Moda Denim Shorts With Embroidery from www.asos.com

Very By Vero Moda Denim Shorts With Embroidery from http://www.asos.com

On a day you know will be super-hot and you want to be able to sit in the shade without people looking up your skirt or be able to lie down on grass and get your tan on – a cotton tee and denim shorts is always a win.  I like the mini suede or leather cowboy boots to finish the look too.

Women's The Rockstar Bermudas (12") from www.oldnavy.ca

Women’s The Rockstar Bermudas (12″) from http://www.oldnavy.ca

If the shorts above are too short – I like the Women’s The Rockstar Bermudas (12″) from www.oldnavy.ca.  Still cute and yet preppy.

Whatever you decide, ensure you try your looks on before you depart for the festival.  There is nothing worse than showing up at an event and knowing within the first 5 minutes you haven’t dressed appropriately.

Have fun!