Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounge

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Oh Air Canada – I have not flown with them in years but I found an amazing deal in the spring to go to Lollapalooza in Chicago and I grabbed it.  But low and behold when our flight was due to leave on August 1st we were bumped.  Sad?  You have no idea.  Gutted.

Luckily my friend and I had access to Air Canada’s award-winning Maple Leaf Lounge at Toronto Pearson International Airport.  After feeling anxious that our plans for the day were a write off, my friend Andrew said ‘let’s just go and hang out in the lounge, it won’t hurt’.

He was right; the Maple Leaf Lounge was the perfect relaxing space, clean architectural lines, warm natural colours, a gorgeous Canadiana blend of natural stone and wood combinations and goodies.

What kinds of goodies you ask?

Complimentary light snacks and alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages, including local beer on tap, cappuccino and espresso

Wide selection of newspapers and magazines

Sony High Definition televisions paired with Bell TV HD programming

Complimentary Bell Datavalet High Speed Internet and Wireless to select Air Canada customers

Hewlett Packard business centres featuring color laser printing and PC workstations

Conference rooms in select locations

Cell-Free Quiet Zones in select locations

Courteous, helpful staff to assist you with all your travel needs

The ladies at the main reception were extremely helpful in providing us with some calm and yet assertive info on what was happening with our flights.  Extremely helpful when one is this close to a total meltdown.

My friend made himself comfortable by preparing some yummy drinks at the open bar and lounging in the tan leather covered lounge chairs while snacking on hummus and veggies.  Nothing was bugging him in that moment.

There was also a wide assortment of warm meals, salads, warm and cold drinks.  Just enough energy boosters to keep you feeling high and ready for travel while also Zen.

I’m a girl who loves her reading materials and wow there was such a wide assortment I didn’t know what to look at first.  I grabbed a Toronto Life, an Elle Canada, Canadian House & Home and 2 different Styles at Home.  Talk about instantly deescalating me from the stress of our flight bump.  There were countless newspapers but I stayed close to the gloss.  I was on vacation after all.

We were only there a short time but we thoroughly enjoyed the Maple Leaf Lounge and its comfort, mindfulness and serenity from the manic-ness down below in the gate areas.

Would we check out the Maple Leaf Lounge again?  In a heartbeat.  Forget about transporting yourself to Momofuku or a spa while slowly going grey at the airport – check out the Maple Leaf Lounge instead; you will get everything you need for full bodied wellness in transit.


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