Devon Seafood Grill (Chicago & Wabash)

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After our flight got into Chicago we immediately jetted off to do some sightseeing and realized after that we were starving and could eat a whale.  Well not really, but yes we wanted a nice meal after a long day of hustling it from Toronto to Chicago.

Andrew is vegetarian but eats seafood.  I just love seafood.  A fellow blogger at CHiEATS | chicago eats, restaurants and recipes. recommended we try Devon Seafood Grill.  Thanks lady!  😉  After signing up to Devon Seafood Grill’s website, I received a $15 off coupon to be used towards our meal – I was sold.

Devon Seafood Grill is an upscale seafood restaurant offering simply-prepared fresh fish, premium steaks, an impressive wine cellar and handcrafted cocktails. Their chic-casual atmosphere suits any occasion, with seamless service and imaginative seafood dishes that truly sets them apart from other seafood restaurants.

We checked out their Chicago & Wabash location and marvelled at their menu.  It offered the area’s freshest premium seafood, Prime steaks & an impressive wine selection. Devon Seafood Grill works with quality fishmongers, water men, ranchers & artisan producers to create dishes that are excellent from the start, using fine ingredients that separate the good from the great.

Andrew ordered:


CHAR CRUSTED TAHITIAN AHI TUNA* roasted yukon gold potatoes, asparagus, foyot sauce $35

I ordered a:  LOBSTER SPAGHETTI cold water lobster, tomato-fennel pomodoro, olive oil, basil $27

In terms of presentation both meals were spectacular.  Andrew felt his plate was colourful provided a lovely juxtaposition of flavours and textures for his CHAR CRUSTED TAHITIAN AHI TUNA*.

He appreciated the server pouring the MAINE LOBSTER BISQUE into an elongated bowl.  The aroma that echoed from the pour into the bowl was all about romance. He was in love.

I loved that my LOBSTER SPAGHETTI was rustic and looked like it was plated in Tuscany. The opaque tomato sauce, thick noodles and beautiful crusty slice of doused olive oiled bread was warm and inviting.

In terms of taste, Andrew did not say much while sipping his MAINE LOBSTER BISQUE.  For a warm summer evening and hoofing it all around town and through an airport, he found the bisque to be soothing and a perfect starter to his main.

He found his CHAR CRUSTED TAHITIAN AHI TUNA to be lovely.  It was indeed lovingly seasoned and provided an adequate amount of protein. The tuna was soft, aromatic and went down like butter.  He stated even if he returned to Devon in the future, he would order this meal again. The tuna was the hero on his plate next to its asparagus cohorts.

I also fell in love with my LOBSTER SPAGHETTI.  When perusing the menu in Toronto before we left I already knew that I was ordering this plate upon my arrival at Devon.  The chunks of lobster in this plate was beyond generous.  The lobster was fresh, sweet, velvety and I wanted it to go on for ages.  The tomato-fennel pomodoro was a simple sauce but highlighted the lobster’s beauty gorgeously.  After I finished my meal I was sure to sop up the remaining sauce with the lovely crusty bread still left on my plate.

The service at Devon was just right.  Not too much attention but when the server was in the vicinity she was sure to check in appropriately and was friendly which only accented the ambience of the restaurant.  She advised us of Devon’s promotions in the days ahead – which we were sad we would be missing because of our already packed schedule.

We loved people watching from our spot in front of the restaurant as we prepped our Lollapalooza schedule.  Devon Seafood Grill was a great pal in offering us some respite from our day, filling our bellies with fresh seafood love and throwing out the welcome mat for our first day in Chicago.


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