Do312’s 4th Annual Lolla Sideshow feat. Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles DJ Set w/ Supreme Cuts, IO Echo & Kid Color at Berlin Nightclub

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Coming down from Toronto we were excited to catch for the first time the 4th Annual Lollapalooza Sideshow with Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles, Supreme Cuts, IO Echo and Kid Color at Berlin Nightclub. Andrew and I had a spiritual experience of sorts with Crystal Castles a few years ago when we were standing in Grant Park at Lollapalooza watching this band rip the last of our hearing to shreds.  This jam was not going to go missed.

Once again Berlin Nightclub paid homage to the early years of Lollapalooza by revisiting this historic festival’s roots with showcases of up-and-coming DJs, a live music act, circus performers, and freak show/ side show talent.  It was all about the nostalgia that night and remembering the Jim Rose Circus tour with Lollapalooza in the 90’s.

The venue was indeed decorated with a full on freak show vibe ripe with posters and vignettes.  Very festive.  The event was  hosted by club kid personalities, JoJo Baby the Dog Faced Boy, Half Woman (Debbie Fox) Half Man (Loren Agron), Clairvoyant Van Eijk Fortunes, Miss Wes Perry the Bearded Lady, and more.

The crowd was a lovely mix of regulars and out of towners.  There were loads that were there to be seen in colourful side show approved ensembles.  The 312 Beers were flowing and the hype was hot as we danced to ‘Air War’, ‘Baptism’ and ‘Intimate’.  Really, if you want to dance to Crystal Castles, this is how you do it.  Small venue, just absorbing beats and letting it all go.

Promoter Scott Cramer stated that he was ‘excited for the Crystal castles set as they used to play small parties back in the day.  To see them stepping up to Lollapalooza hype was impressive while also paying homage to their smaller venue roots’.

We agreed, Kath’s set albeit was brief was full of long Crystal Castle mega mix throw down favourites.  Lots of fans milled about his DJ space as he pumped out hot concentrated jams without much acknowledgement by Mr. Kath.

A hit indeed and a perfect way to get warmed up for an all Lollapalooza weekend in Chicago.  It was well worth the drive to W Belmont.

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