CityPASS New York: Circle Line Cruises and the Staten Island Ferry

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I was planning on grabbing the CityPASS:  Circle Line Cruises to check out the Statue of Liberty because that’s what you do when you have not been to NYC in ages.  But the queue for the cruise was long and I had a full day ahead of me.

If you do have time, please check out the regularly scheduled Semi-Circle Cruise, Harbor Lights Cruise, or Liberty Cruise, all of which offer magnificent views of the N.Y.C. skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Or experience The Beast Speedboat Ride, a thrilling 30-minute ride on a custom-built 70-foot racing powerboat (available May-Sept.).

Since I was on tight schedule I decided to jump on the (Free) Staten Island Ferry and buzz over to Staten Island pop back onto the Ferry and come back to NYC whilst checking out the Statue of Liberty from afar.  It suited me fine.  It was freezing the day I went over so it was nice to take the shots I wanted and then go back inside as we sailed along.

Ham’s had made mention of Carly Simon’s ‘Working Girl’ theme “Let The River Run” before I jetted out.  I giggled as I sailed along with the song in my head.  As a teen this song was a bit of an eye roll and let’s face it, it still is.  But it was neat to revisit the words of this song written pre 9/11.  There is a lot of history on those wooden seated ferries.  I wondered what stories those seats held and how many other people looked onto the water as we said good bye to Staten Island and hello to a new day in NYC.

It was cool to slow down and inhale that moment.

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