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I popped into the Moscot shop 69 West 14th Street in NYC to scout out and get fitted for a cool new pair of frames I could take back with me to Toronto and have them befitted with RX lenses.

The fist night I went in the shop I got an arrogant sales guy who really just wanted me to buy a $300 frame going on his judgement which frame looked good on me.  I figured I needed to leave because I wasn’t happy with his energy.

Before I left, I made sure to look around all the goodies of the shop.  I have been longing for a pair of Moscot frames but not knowing which style fit my face from online shots proved to be a pain.  Their geek chic thick frames have always left me swooning.

The shop was super sweet.  Lovely frames nicely laid out.  Different colours, shapes and sizes.  They were easy to pick up and try on.  The price tags were high – yes.  But the quality was superb.

I waited a few days and went back to the 69 West 14th Street and was greeted by Amy.  Wow, Amy was amazing.  She took her time with me gave me constructive feedback.   We narrowed it down to two frames.  The Bummi and the Tummel in Tortoise shell. But when it came down to the nitty grit the bridge of my nose was too small to support these frames.  Amy suggested I get nose pads onto the frames but then stopped.  She said ‘Look I can sell you these frames, but you won’t be happy.  You will be out over $200 and these frames won’t fit right’.


This is a shout out to Amy and genuine customer service.  This girl could have totally fleeced me.  Instead, I will keep perusing Moscot online and when I am next in NYC – Amy, you will see me again to see what else you have on offer.

Note:  Whilst at the Tenement Museum one day after this incident I popped into the Moscot on 108 Orchard Street.  I asked the blonde at the counter which frame she would suggest.  She suggested the Bummi.  When I asked her if the frame was sitting well on my face she said, ‘Oh that’s just the style’.

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