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Apocalips Lip Lacquer by Rimmel London

Apocalips Lip Lacquer by Rimmel London

Apocalips Lip Lacquer by Rimmel London

Before I left for NYC, I threw some products into my bag to try out and also have some fun with away from my usual go to’s.   I popped in a Apocalips Lip Lacquer by Rimmel London for one.  It is pigmented as a lipstick, yet with the gloss of a lip gloss.  Perfect for travel and no fuss.

I liked the 100 Phenomenon shade.  It was a true nude.  I liked the low key-ness of the shade.  It felt great on my lips and I felt great wearing it.  Plus it matched with any outfit I had in my duffle bag.  Be it dressing up one day or down another.

I did have to re-apply the Apocalips Lip Lacquer by Rimmel London a few times during my day but that’s pretty common for lipsticks in general after sipping tea, drinking water and eating a croissant or two.

I liked the irregular prism of the packaging.  It was neat and pulling it out on the subway looked like I was using a product worth far more than the suggested retail.  Yes, I’m posh when I travel.

There are 13 awesome shades to choose from so grab a few and try them out.  Better yet – the price is right so instead of going big on holiday presents this year pop the Apocalips Lip Lacquer by Rimmel London on your holiday cards for friends and family and you are set!

I’m always a big fan of Rimmel London products scents.  The Apocalips Lip Lacquer didn’t disappoint.  There was something so soothing and easy when I applied this product onto my lips.  Aromatherapeutic?  Yes for me it was.  Perfect for when a girl is hustling from museums to walking tours in thirty minutes flat.