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Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’

Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’

Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’

I love finding a cool perfume to ring in a new season.  When I was Sephora a few months back I was looking for a thank you gift for my friend Alix who welcomed my stay at her place in NYC in November.  I tried a few scents and happened upon Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’.  Done.

I knew Alix used Ralph Lauren ‘Romance’ and thought that Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ would make a nice bosom buddy to her collection.

Alix can definitely be described as youthful, charming and effortlessly chic which made her a perfect match to ‘Daisy’.

I liked the notes of wild strawberry, violet leaves, ruby grapefruit, gardenia, violet petals and jasmine petals.  They would compliment her from work to play.  The dry notes hint of a musk and vanilla infusion white woods was subtle and soothing.

Now Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ is pricey.   Eau de Toilette 50 mL $79.00, 100 mL $100.00, Eau de Parfum 50 mL $85.00.  But is it worth it? Yes!  I like my perfume to last all day but without getting stale.  ‘Daisy’ won’t let you down.

Pick this one up for your mom, your girlfriend, your sister, daughter or even a great mate like I did for Alix.  She was worth it.  Not only did it make a great thank you gift but it could make for a Happy New Year treat to start your year off right.

Blithe and Bonny’s Grapefruit Hand Lotion and Honey Almond Hand Lotion

Blithe and Bonny’s Grapefruit Hand Lotion and Honey Almond Hand Lotions

Blithe and Bonny’s Grapefruit Hand Lotion and Honey Almond Hand Lotion

If you are looking for some yummy stocking stuffer ideas I have something for you.  Check out Blithe and Bonny’s Grapefruit Hand Lotion and Honey Almond Hand Lotion!

Finding their name in the opening song of the play Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare, Blithe and Bonny is a family run wholesale producer of Bath, Body and Lifestyle gifts that is based in a small coastal town on the Central California Coast.

Ten years ago Blithe and Bonny started as a retail shop where they sold handmade soap and candles. Since those early days, they have perfected their formulas and expanded our product lines.

Today they offer a variety of items that are hand crafted in the USA, each made with simple and responsible ingredients.  Blithe and Bonny’s goal is to create environmentally conscious, high quality goods with a classic, universally appealing aesthetic that won’t break the budget.

My go to lotion in the mornings to wake me up is always the Blithe and Bonny’s Grapefruit Hand Lotion.  It is refreshing, clean and non greasy.  I use layer it onto my arms and hands before I start my make up routine.  It dries quickly and the scent lasts for hours.  It instantly soothes me and helps in pushing me out the door to work.

Whereas I have been slathering Blithe and Bonny’s Honey Almond Hand Lotions onto my legs, feet, arms and hands before bed.  Again very soothing and settles me into my night ritual of reading before I nod off.   The Blithe and Bonny’s Honey Almond Hand Lotion has as an almost ‘creamy’ scent to it.  My co-worker actually asked to borrow some of my stash as it was reminding her of a honey and almond dessert she craved.

Both lotions are Paraben-Free!

The person you choose to buy Blithe and Bonny products will love the simple recycled newspaper print packaging.  It is very unique, a conversation starter and looks awesome on a vanity for house guests.

Blithe and Bonny also sells:

Room and Linen Spray to freshen your home

Scented soy wax candles

SLS-free Goat’s Milk Soap (bar and liquid)

Luxury Bath Salts

SLS-free Luxury Bubble Bath

Lip Balm in vintage pots and Fragrance Oils!

Pick up some interesting products for yourself and your loved ones!

What happened at Media Profile’s Holiday Party – stays at Media Profile’s Holiday Party

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This is my second year in a row attending Media Profile’s Annual Holiday Party at the Burroughes Building.  It is always fun, incredibly exclusive to media industry types and excessively generous (in all respects).  You know you are going to a ‘cool’ party if on internet this party is known as the most ‘Crashable Holiday Party in Toronto’.

We didn’t have to crash it thank goodness.  Getting off the street car we could feel the buzz from the building and were genuinely greeted by event staff.  Olivia Chow was checking in front of me so I was sure to say a hello.  And so it begins.  This party is known for bringing together a selectively curated list of Toronto big shots, politicians, journalists and media mavens.  No Rob Ford this year.  Ah well.  It would have been entertaining.

Having a party on the 6th floor of the Burroughes Building is always so trendy and sexy.  Originally built as a Department store 1907 with an addition in 1910, the Burroughes is continually defining Queen Street West as the tallest building on this trendy stretch.

The building has been expertly renovated to carefully preserve its priceless character features. With restored elevators, wood details and exposed brick the property is like no other in the city.

The Media Profile crew expertly outfitted the space with homemade paper trees, welcoming holiday signage and an assortment of stations for music, a wicked DJ, a photo booth with a photographer taking pictures of guests with various props, drink, cute waiters hustling around hot food and appetizers to hungry double fisted drinked up guests.

My photographer and I drank up yummy drinks named Merry Citrus Cocktails, The Hurontario, white wine and whiskey’s galore.  Our favourite and the drink with the most punch was The Hurontario.  The ingredients?  Collingwood whiskey, Amaretto, Bitters, Lemon Juice and Maple Syrup.  We were knocked off our feet and felt instantly just as jolly as Santa.

We were glad to see Ninutik [Maple Sugar] Ltd. again from last year’s party.  Richard Brault creates a distantly Canadian experience where his staff dips gorgeous cheese such as Gouda and Brie into Maple Syrup on a stick into a bed of ice.  Talk about triggering Pioneer Village school trip memories.  You could even pickup sticks with salted caramel which my photographer and I could not get enough of.  At one point we were sitting on a leather couch with a Film Critic from The Toronto Sun and some advertising folks sipping cocktails and sucking on Salted Caramel pops as we people watched.  Thursday night debauchery.

There was even an amazing Stella Artois engraving station with pretty girls manning the booth as a lone gentleman did the engraving of your personal messages on the spot onto solid Stella pint glasses.  We grabbed one of these for late night sessions in our respective flats.  It was such a unique party favour!

When the drinks were getting low and our tootsies were beginning to ache we knew it was time to high tail it.  As we were grabbing out coats – there was still a steady stream of party guests coming in at midnight.  Media Profile Party’s are known to go late.  They weren’t kidding.

Are we excited for next year’s Media Profile Party?  Yes please.  😉