2014 Summer Music Festival Outfit Ideas

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Seeing as that Coachella is upon us, I thought it would be a good time to pinpoint some key festival fashion ideas. I am not planning on going to any festivals in the U.S. this year but for my Toronto jaunts I’m thinking low key, comfy, stylish but also practical.

A pom pom snood would make for great mid-day coverage when the sun’s rays become too intense. If you are feeling a little cold at night; you can use it as a bit of a snuggle scarf.

A cool purse is an essential. I don’t like backpacks in my regular life. If you can find a neat purse that you can stuff water, sunscreen, a lipstick and some snacks into.

Sunglasses are a hand’s down must. I like the idea of Ray Ban’s because they are always in style and look good on no matter what you choose to sport.

If you are keen on a hat which I am, try a nice straw fedora hat or a lighter fabric hat. Think Woodstock meets modern day cool. Don’t go too far out there and then sacrifice fashion for comfort.

Hairbands are neat too if you are into that kind of thing. But again try to be yourself and pick a headband that suits your personality and your overall fashion esthetic. Stay away from culturally inappropriate head band wear too. Ahem.

For shoes I like booties. Sandals are indeed romantic but are not practical if it rains or you have to trek to port o potties which maybe slightly wet inside. If you catch my drift.

I like wearing a dress or skirt when I go to festivals. They are less constricting and at the same time you can feel even more comfy lying out on the grass or again with the bathroom situation. Easy peasy.

Shorts are always welcomed if you are keen on getting your tan on. I suggest staying away from denim and finding a comfy satin flavour in shorts. They will feel cool on your skin and no fuss.

Lastly in blouses, a sleeveless again satin or cotton number is always a winner.

Have fun wherever you end up be it Coachella, Lollapalooza, Osheaga or Outsidelands. Email me with your good times and your fashion hits and misses.

P.S. All items seen in this piece can be found at www.asos.com

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