Thirty Four Flavours Goes to The Pacific Northwest: Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington

So after weeks of writing posts hinting to my upcoming holiday – I’m sure you must be wondering, ‘where is this girl going?’. Well I’m going to Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington next week!

Like my NYC trip last Fall, I have organized a finely curated journey between both cities and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.  I won’t tell you specifics right now – but let’s just say there will be lots of surprises.  My schedule is brimming to the surface with fun stuff.  So stay tuned!

As of this upcoming week – I will be off to Portland for 5 days and then Seattle for another 5 days.  I will be back in 10 days time with reviews, pictures and notes of adventurous shenanigans for your perusal.

In the mean time – check out my daily Twitter feed for thoughts and snaps at cool sites in and around Portland and Seattle.  Feel free to send me tips, comments and good energy.

See you soon!

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