Media Profile’s Annual Holiday Party‏:  Thursday, December 4, 2014 (The Burroughes Building (639 Queen Street West))

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We arrived just a shave past 7 p.m. to Media Profile’s Annual Holiday Party at The Burroughes Building.   We were greeted by a nice gentleman at the door who politely instructed us where we could drop off our coats and get our party on.  Excitedly we looked around the room and sure enough the party was already in full swing.

The Burroughes Building space was beautifully curated.  Sophisticated fairy lights hung from the rafters, the smell of warm food circulated in the room and people with drinks in their hands were already rosy-cheeked and having a hearty laugh.

Media Profile knows how to throw a party.  Known as one of the most Crashable Holiday Parties in Toronto – it garners the who’s who of Toronto celebrities, news folk and media gems.

This year’s Media Profile’s Holiday Party had a handful of bars set up serving up signature cocktails, wine and beer.  It was a libation dream.  We tried the Lime-A-Rita slush which was a combo of Bud Light with Lime which proved to be a great starter.  There was our favourite The Embargo Cocktail which included of Finlandia Vodka, Chambord Liquer, Cranberry Juice and Lemonade.  Indeed drinks to get your joints lubricated after being exposed to the cool winter chill outside on the city’s streets.

In the second adjacent room there was the Jack Daniels bar which is always a surprise.  We tried the very generous Jack Daniels with Tennessee Honey and Coco-Cola.  Our drinks went down like a liquid dream.  Sweet, thick and a true delight.  Note:  must make at home over the holidays.

The Burroughes is such a great place to have a party.  It is a statement space.  The lovely brick walls and wood floors makes you feel instantly relaxed.  In a sense the space reads like a luxury loft meant to showcase the coolest house parties with your best mates.  It’s a win win of ambience, mood, warm lighting and good times every year at the Media Profile Holiday Party.

The lights that were hung in the main space of The Burroughes 6th Floor was reminiscent of a Christmas market.  When the party was in full swing the guests could be found under the lights dancing to tunes being spun for the second year in the row from the uber cool DJ Kid Tronic.  The likes of Iggy Azalea, Beyonce and some old school hip hop meets dance beats kept the atmosphere light, social and holiday friendly.

The food was abundant at the Media Profile Holiday Party.  Between the warm appetizers being quickly served by many an eager waiter included the likes of mini sliders with pea meal bacon, sweet and sour shrimp in paper cups, shrimp pops with a zesty sauce, Portobello mushroom tacos and sweet potato fries.  We left satiated and gleaming from good food energy.

The Yummmm treat table holding treats from Cocoadots provided many a giddy dessert you could munch on while sipping the last bits of your wine or cocktail.  We adored the custom chocolate bonbons which were smooth as silk and extremely haute couture.  Dime store Paper bags were nicely tucked on the side for you to fill up with whatever treats you fancied.  The chocolate rosettes, gummies, yogurt pretzels and the smarties were huge hits.  We made sure to tuck in a few bonbons into our cocktail purses to keep us warm for the trip home on the Bathurst street car.

Fashion Santa was also in attendance.  Who needs a rolly polly Santa when you are at the most elite Holiday Party of the year?  We made sure we had our time with the grey haired and bearded Santa in a skinny (Pantone Marsala colour of 2015) dapper suit.  Our party dresses were properly puffed out and we shook out our blown out locks for the night, re-applied our Mac lipsticks and blew a kiss at dear old Fashion Santa.  Our pic was quickly popped onto Instagram and printed out on a portable colour photo printer as a take away gift.

As we sipped the last of our Jack Daniels cocktails and chatted up industry folk – we reflected on our year.  It’s been a great one and we were glad to be spending it with Media Profile at their Annual Holiday Party on a Thursday night in Toronto.

As we peeked out the window past some gold-rimmed tea lighted glasses on a windowsill, the Toronto sky line said ‘good night’ from afar.  A chilly night awaited us but for now we just wanted to soak in the last of our drinks, the great tunes, the impeccable party details at the Media Profile Holiday Party and superb ambience.  Nobody does it better than Media Profile when it comes to throwing an excellent end of the year bash!  Their parties keep giving all year round.  Looking forward to doing it all over again in 2015!

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