Target Beauty: Pixi By Petra Quick Fix Powder – Translucid (3g)

Next time you are at your local Target over the holidays make sure you check out the Pixi By Petra counter.  Give yourself five minutes with it.  I encourage you to pick up one product to buy and take home with you.  The line is super affordable, easy to use and fun!  Most importantly, the Pixi By Petra counter is filled with all kinds of goodies that can offer you a wonderful compliment to your make up wardrobe.

I’m a big fan of Pixi By Petra’s Quick Fix Powder in Translucid.  I encourage you to pick this baby up!  The invisible and lightweight powder creates a velvet matte on your skin that gives the ultimate air-brushed effect. The powder contains aloe vera and cucumber which soothes the skin, pearl powder that revitalises and protects and grape extract that acts as an antioxidant to help you achieve the perfect finish to your make-up.

If you are looking for a clean look for a New Year’s Eve party with dollops of dramatic colour – the Quick Fix Powder in Translucid will make a great investment.  Not only for a night out, the Quick Fix Powder in Translucid will be a wonderful ally to your make up regimen all your year round.  It’s time to change it up ladies.  Try out Pixi by Petra at your local Target and see what new worlds of creativity it will open you up to.

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