2015 Summer Music Festival Outfit Ideas

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Seeing as that Coachella is upon us, I thought it would be a good time to pinpoint some key festival fashion ideas. I am not planning on going to any festivals in the U.S. this year but for my Toronto jaunts I’m thinking low key, comfy, stylish but also practical.

This year, I encourage you to go against the ‘boho’ grain and try to polish up your festival looks.  😉  I know it’s tempting to channel Florence from Florence and the Machine – but come on, how many years do we need to rock the same looks?

A scarf with a cool leather jacket is a neat coupling to keep tucked away in your backpack or purse.  Let’s face it the nights get chilly and having some coverage is important.

A cool purse is an essential. I don’t like backpacks in my regular life. If you can find a neat purse that you can stuff water, sunscreen, a lipstick and some snacks into you are good to go.

For shoes I like a pair of Adidas or a floral flat.  I would encourage you to try and stay away from a sandal and bootie this year.  It’s been done ladies!  A cool sneaker would be great instead of a wellie.

I like wearing a dress or skirt when I go to festivals. They are less constricting and at the same time you can feel even more comfy lying out on the grass or again with the bathroom situation. Easy peasy.

Shorts are always welcomed if you are keen on getting your tan on. I like a high waisted short this year or better yet a naval/striped jumpsuit.

Have fun wherever you end up be it Coachella, Lollapalooza, Osheaga, Bestival, Field Trip, TURF, Riot Fest or Outsidelands. Email me with your good times and your fashion hits and misses.

P.S. All items seen in this piece can be found at http://www.asos.com

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