t-buds: Tea Lounge and Creperie

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t- buds is an alternative to the bar and coffee houses and their vision is to create a space for discovering taste and rejuvenating your senses with a selection of over 100 teas from all over the world.  t-buds do a tremendous job in creating an intimate experience which will infuse you with a sense of well-being and peace.

t-buds high tea lounge can accommodate up to 30 people and has a very warm and private ambience. Whether it’s a casual tea morning or a corporate meeting or event t-buds can create the perfect atmosphere through the romance and poetry of tea.

Classic Afternoon High Tea Service

Yesterday afternoon, my sisters and I thoroughly enjoyed a decadent Classic Afternoon High Tea Service at t-buds to celebrate the end of the summer.

We started with a pot of tea (the tea was hot and creamy – just the way I like it).  I ordered the The Organic Black flavoured Earl Grey buds De la Crème.  It had a subtle yet distinct flavor of bergamot paired with caramel and vanilla to create a silky smooth blend that flows over your palate.  I made sure I added a little extra milk to make the tea even creamier.  It was soothing and romantic in tone.

We were served a starter warm quiche after our tea pots arrival to the table.  It was the perfect size – fragrant, buttery and satisfying.  The quiche, the posh linens, serene ambiance in the space filled us with an instant calm.

There was ample moments left in between servings to dwell on what we were eating, savouring the flavours, sipping tea, having a giggle and opportunity to look out the scenic window onto Yonge Street in Uptown Toronto.

The quiche was followed by a selection of tea sandwiches, freshly baked scones served with crème mascarpone and raspberry jam, fresh petit fors, delectable macarons and fresh fruit on an antique three tier tea tray.

The tea sandwiches we indulged upon included of: cucumber and watercress with creamed cheese, roast beef and horseradish-Dijon, smoked salmon and dill cream cheese, seasoned tuna and red peppers with lemon zest, smoked turkey and asparagus, curried chicken with green apples and mango chutney, cheddar cheese with sun dried tomatoes, spiced lamb with red pepper hummus.

They were tasty, fresh and abundant in size, texture as well as ornate.  The antique three tier tea tray housed the offerings in such a tantalizing and decorative stance, it was hard to start eating.  Our favourite sandwiches were the smoked salmon and dill cream cheese, cheddar cheese with sun dried tomatoes and smoked turkey and asparagus.  They were filling but not so much so that it took away from the experience of treasuring dessert next.

The freshly baked scones were the perfect mix of bountifully sized, crisply baked, delicious which was only amplified with the addition of the crème mascarpone and raspberry jam.  We felt like we were instantly teleported to the English countryside, whilst sat in a field on a blanket taking in the cool air and watching the heat rising from our tea cups.

The fresh petit fors were glamour and haute couture mixed into one.  We took our time with the petit fors.  Coupled with replenished hot tea pots, the petit fors stood alone on our plates and beckoned applause.

The delectable macarons brought in from Mark Miller’s ‘The Macaron Boutique’ were all France.  They were luscious, mild in sweetness and robust.  We got lost in the lavender and pistachios flavours.

We ended with a flute of t-buds signature sparkling jasmine tea and toasted each other like we were in a champagne salon.  It was the perfect end to an hour and a half tea service.

Book a seating for yourself or with friends and family as soon as possible at t-buds.  t-buds offered us a beautiful treat of an afternoon while also nourishing our bodies and souls.

Open : Tue-Thu:11am – 6pm ; Fri.& Sat:11am-8pm; Sun: 11am – 6pm; Mon:-closed

t-buds, tea lounge & creperie: 3343 Yonge St 2nd. floor Toronto, ON M4N 2M4

Tel: 647 352-3622 | 647 352-3624 |



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