Book Report:  ‘No Cure For Love’  By: Peter Robinson

At first, British TV star and recent Los Angeles transplant Sarah Broughton thinks the letters she has been receiving are from a typical fan–someone a little strange, perhaps, but harmless. But when her admirer–who identifies himself only as “M”–starts threatening Sarah and her loved ones, she turns to detectives Arvo Hughes and Maria Hernandez of the LAPD Threat Management Unit and experts in pursuing the most dangerous of stalkers. Pitted against a frighteningly twisted mind, the detectives test their expertise and experience to the limit in the desperate race to save Sarah’s life.

Twisted, fast-paced, and suspenseful, No Cure for Love will have readers on the edge of their seats.


“Sarah could feel her heart pounding so hard she thought it would burst.  Christ, how she wished that she could drive.  She had to do something; she couldn’t just fall apart.  Stuart was groaning beside her clutching his stomach, maybe dying, and she was sitting there like a fool waiting for the cavalry to come.

There was no cavalry.  Where the hell was Zak?

And still the dark figure stood there behind the car, watching.  All she could make out was that he was medium height, fairly muscular and blond haired.  Christ she thought, could it even be Zak?

The car doors were locked; the phone didn’t work; the key was still in the ignition.  There was only one thing she could do.

Turning sideways, she dragged Stuart over towards the passenger side.  It took all her strength, but there was a lot of room to maneuver inside the Caddy, and she finally did it.  When Stuart was half on the passenger seat and half on the floor, she climbed over the back and into the driver’s seat.

Her hand slipped on the leather and when she saw the whole seat was glossy and slippery with blood, she almost lost control.

She pounded the wheel and screamed, shutting her eyes and praying all the horror would go away and she would wake up to the sun on the Pacific.  But Stuart was groaning on the floor, curled in the foetal position.  She had to do something now.

Then Sarah looked out of the window to the passenger side and saw the face of her tormentor staring back at her.  She couldn’t make out his features clearly because they were superimposed her own reflection in the glass, but she could have sworn he was smiling at her.  He looked pleased with himself.

He tapped on the window.

Sarah took a deep breath and turned the key in the ignition.”

I have never read a novel by Peter Robinson in the past – I clearly have been missing out.  ‘No Cure For Love’ is his latest best seller and is laden with twists, turns and the grimiest of crime scenes that will leave you squirming.

Although not a True Crime fan, ‘No Cure For Love’ is perfect for beginner aficionados like me.   Chapters flip between police investigators on the hunt for an obsessed crazed stalker and Sarah our hardly perfect British heroine reflecting on her past, her career and the identity of a stalker.  The stalker also takes up a high roost in alternate chapters giving us the reader hints into his purpose.

‘No Cure For Love’ is seamless and a wonderful change up read that will keep your heart thumping and wondering ‘what next?’.

‘No Cure For Love’ is a lengthy read and reads like three books in one.  A sign of a tremendous novel – the characterization was sublime, the arc between the police, Sarah and the stalker were cohesive and authentic, there was also knowing nods between the characters as they slowly spilled their own bone chilling idiosyncrasies into the darkness tinged moments of crisis.

If you are keen on the True Detective series – ‘No Cure For Love’ will keep you satiated until Season Three comes knocking from HBO.

‘No Cure For Love’ is a perfect book to tuck away for a holiday read and weekend chill session.  If you do lend it to a friend, be aware you may not get it back.


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