MAJICAL CLOUDZ Sophmore Studio Album, ‘Are you Alone?’ is Out on October 16, 2015 on Arts & Crafts

Two weeks ago, Majical Cloudz announced that Arts & Crafts will be releasing its sophomore album Are You Alone? on October 16 with the video for “Silver Car Crash”. Today, Majical Cloudz shares the title track, “Are You Alone”, that offers an upbeat take on modern hopeless romanticism. Principal writer and vocalist Devon Welsh explains: “‘Are You Alone’ is a song about life! People doing things and feeling things and falling all over the place! Lots of emotions! Just trying to keep going! Sometimes it’s easy! Sometimes it’s hard! It’s a song about caring what happens! To other people!”

In 2013, the Montreal-based musical-performance art project released Impersonator, garnering praise from tastemaker and mainstream media as one of the year’s best and most notable albums.  Since then, Devon Welsh has been fastidiously crafting the band’s second studio album, while simultaneously touring the world with producer Matthew Otto.

Building off a solidly-laid visual and sonic foundation, the narrative remains – simple yet emotionally forthcoming lyrics showcasing raw vulnerability, backed by sparse instrumentation and minimalist production. Welsh delivers melancholic but melody driven vocals echoing off elemental tones, praising love and friendship, commiserating over heartbreak and sadness. Written and recorded between Montreal and Detroit, it comes as no surprise that Welsh and Otto have created another soulful novella, continuing to contribute to the evolution of sound in pop, indie, and electronic music.

Impersonator, the follow up to Majical Cloudz’s 2012 debut EP Turns Turns Turns, was nominated for the 2013 Polaris Music Prize, received critical praise from Rolling StonePitchfork, Stereogum, VICE, Flavorwire, Earmilk and more. In 2014, the duo was recruited by teenage pop phenom Lorde as the opening act for her North American tour, taking their intimate stage setup to theaters across the continent. 

The duo’s incredible conceptual live performances – Pagliacci-esque, and somber in tone with moments of silliness – gained notoriety from Billboard, Grantland, and Pitchfork and was described by Lorde as “one of the most simple and moving things I have seen, ever.”  Following the fall 2014 tour with Lorde, Majical Cloudz released the documentary A Lot of Humans, directed by Neil Corcoran, with an original soundtrack by the band, and was featured as the summer cover story on Pitchfork. 

Majical Cloudz will perform at Halifax Pop Explosion on October 22 at St Matthew’s United Church. More Canadian tour dates will be announced soon.


1. Disappeared
2. Control
3. Are You Alone
4. So Blue
5. Heavy
6. Silver Car Crash
7. Change
8. If You’re Lonely
9. Downtown
10. Easier Said Than Done
11. Game Show
12. Call On Me



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