The Macaron Boutique

Perhaps it’s this time of year – but I love holing up at home on my weekends with a warm brimming cup of tea and a macaron or two.

I stumbled upon The Macaron Boutique’s wares when I was on a High Tea with my sisters at our local tea shop a few months back. The Macaron Boutique’s macarons proved to be the highlight of the High Tea experience in their beautifully crafted and tasty circular shapes.  Forget what you know about everyone else is doing in Toronto – The Macaron Boutique is on point.

Mark Miller states ‘Since starting this journey, we have become passionate about Macarons. Our desire is to create handmade masterpieces that are ““exquisitely handcrafted with the finest ingredients”. True to our slogan, we select only all natural premium ingredients such as Valrhona chocolate, Nielsen Massey pure products, JK Almond Flour and Tea Emporium organic teas to name a few. There are no shortcuts taken to produce the exceptional flavour of our macarons.

We are driven to innovate and will always be introducing new flavours for everyone to enjoy. We put our soul into every macaron taking whatever amount of time is required to develop each flavor. Tasting our macarons is an experience rather than just a treat and we invite you to savour every bite and reward your palette.’

As we head into the holiday season – I encourage you to try out The Macaron Boutique as part of your holiday gift giving. Stocking stuffers or just as standalone gifts – these macarons will create wonderful conversation highlights under the Christmas tree or as an after meal dessert.  They are truly rich, abundant and could technically be straight off the plane from France.

Flavours to try out include:

Lavender Full aromatic French lavender is comforted by white chocolate. This relaxing flavour will deliver a pleasing floral punch.

Caramel Lightly whipped caramel provides a comforting dose of pure indulgence that brings only pleasure to your senses.

Passion Fruit Chocolate Produces a clean, tangy, juicy and exotic taste coupled with milk chocolate that provides double the pleasure.

Dark Chocolate Bittersweet yet elegant, this delightful macaron will be loved by those seeking a refined chocolate experience.

Raspberry An Italian buttercream filling made with syrup derived from real raspberries and topped with a blessing of raspberry jelly.

Savour these gorgeous macarons in your quiet moments at home this upcoming holiday or share them with family and loved ones. They are truly decadent!

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