The Weekend Tea Collection from TWG Tea and The Urban Tea Merchant

Who needs international travel when you can sample the best in the world class cities with The Weekend Tea Collection from TWG Tea and The Urban Tea Merchant?

TWG Tea, the world’s finest and most luxurious tea brand, invites you on an extraordinary private getaway with the launch of five new exclusive Weekend Teas to arouse vivid sensory escapes to the world’s most exotic destinations. The Weekend Tea Collection teas complement the first five teas in the range to create a cruise collection of ten distinctive TWG signature teas that offer an elegant and effortless retreat from the saturating heat of the summer sun.

A dazzling juxtaposition of glamour and history, the Weekend Tea Collection invites tea drinkers to bask in the heat of the golden sun, drinking in the scent of red fruits and berries whilst wandering along the picturesque promenades of the Cote d’Azur with A Weekend in St Tropez, or to voyage to the summit of Victoria Peak with the grand mélange of green tea, wild rhubarb, blossoms and malty toffee of A Weekend in Hong Kong. Tea lovers and world travellers everywhere can now moor their thoughts and journey along the Grand Canal lined with glistening Venetian palazzos, journey on a voyage of the senses to the garden city of Singapore, or delight in the mystic memories of a cool night among the Dubai desert dunes, all in the privacy of their own teacups.

This complete Weekend Tea Collection teas are:

Weekend in Bombay

Weekend in Casablanca

Weekend in Istanbul

Weekend in Moscow

Weekend in Shanghai

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