Film Review: ‘BRAND: A Second Coming’

BRAND: A Second Coming chronicles actor / comedian / activist Russell Brand on his journey from addict, self-proclaimed narcissist and Hollywood star living in the fast-lane to his current, and unexpected, role as political disruptor & newfound hero to the underserved. Criticized for egomaniacal self-interest, Brand injects his madness in to the world and calls for revolution.  He stays the course with an irreverent courage that inspires a new generation of activists to rise up against the ever-increasing world engorged in Consumerism.

Can Brand rise against the roar of criticism from the very system that built him? Does he have the fortitude, resilience and commitment to keep up the fight?  Will he find true happiness which has eluded him since childhood?  BRAND: A Second Coming takes audiences behind the scenes of this wildly complex man for an intimate look at what drives Russell Brand as he continues to be the consummate disruptor.

BRAND: A Second Coming is a feature documentary produced, written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Ondo Timoner (Dig!, We Live in Public).


Watching a documentary that spills on the psyche of a man with a clear Jesus Complex proved to be fascinating. ‘BRAND: A Second Coming’ takes the audience into an intimate room with Brand while whispering to us behind the scenes secrets on how fame can be used as a platform in driving Brand’s brand of change.

I’m always been weary of politicians or celebrities who shout their messages a little too loudly and stage manipulative media events to further their perpetual parade. Is this Brand’s shtick or is there something else airy?

‘I’m living this life that I detest. Vapid, vacuous celebrity’.  But does he really detest it as he practices yoga and rubs elbows with the most enlightened?  Will hanging out with these few only help his platform of a spiritual revolution and a global change?  Is this an act of narcissism or an earnest individual looking to make a difference in a crumbling economic world?

Katy Perry is also seen in a different light from her 2012 docu-film ‘Part Of Me’ where Brand also appears and chronicles their break up. Observing two celebrities one on the rise with bubble gum and unicorn shades versus the other with a clear sense of struggle and ongoing darkness was a neat glimpse into their back story.

Stubbornness, loud mouthness and cheekiness aside, Brand has the hootspa to follow through on an epic docu about himself while also creating haphazard messaging that comes from an earnest place. Bless.


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