Staycation Tea: Rwanda Express BP1 Tea and Okayti Excellence SFTGFOP1 from TWG Tea and The Urban Tea Merchant

I’m on holidays and have been spending time with my feet up most days on the couch and a good book on the go.  My tea of choice has been Rwanda Express BP1 Tea and Okayti Excellence SFTGFOP1 from TWG Tea and The Urban Tea Merchant.

I like delving into the tea unknown sometimes and these two have been keeping me company and entertained like no ordinary tea would.  A perfect indulgence for some extended time off.

Rwanda Express BP1 Tea

A most exceptional and exclusive TWG Tea creation. A rich and malty broken leaf black tea blended with the vigour of cracked coffee beans.  The best of both worlds.

I have been sucking this tea back with extra milk and sugar.  I usually don’t go all out in my tea preparation but Rwanda Express BP1 Tea has all the makings of a fine estate coffee in a tea.  Think rich, luxe and eccentric all rolled into one.

Okayti Excellence SFTGFOP1

Separated from Nepal by a simple stream, the Okayti tea estate, founded in 1888, harvests some of the most exquisite teas in the world for TWG Tea. The lush gardens are spread out over undulating terrain at altitudes of 1,300 to 2,000 metres. The first flush is eagerly awaited by connoisseurs each spring. This harvest boasts delicate pistachio-green rolled leaves which exude a pronounced flavour of mangoes, papaya and guava. A shimmering topaz-coloured infusion yields a buttery aroma with a round, mellow finish and boasts a lengthy aftertaste of grassy meadows and wild flowers. The preferred tea of Queen Victoria.

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