The Reflektor Tapes: Friday November 13 – 26, 2015 at the Bloor Cinema

The Reflektor Tapes is a fascinating look at the making of Arcade Fire’s critically acclaimed album Reflektor, by award-winning video director and filmmaker Kahlil Joseph (Until the Quiet Comes). This visually-stunning film gives unprecedented access to the artistic process of one of the best bands on the planet, charting the creation of Arcade Fire’s new album followed by their breathtaking live shows at packed arenas in Los Angeles and London. Fans of this mesmerizing group won’t want to miss the never-before-seen interviews, personal moments captured by the band, and unseen footage filmed exclusively for cinema audiences. Rock out at the Bloor to the kaleidoscopic sights and sounds of your favourite Canadian band following its World premiere at TIFF 2015.


You may think you know all you need to know about Arcade Fire.  But you really don’t.  Edwin Farnham “Win” Butler and Régine Chassagne are quite the pair.  Heading up one of the most eclectic and trailblazing bands of the decade – they mix the best musical puddings that entice fans to wear their old prom dress’ to their shows in honour.  The Reflektor Tapes will make us second guess Arcade Fire’s frostiness in media interviews.  The film is transparent and full of unabashed authenticity.  Kahlil Joseph’s black and white portraiture of the band as they create music, take our hand on their road journeys and spill secrets into their craft is refreshing.  The Reflektor Tapes adds to the mystique of Arcade Fire while also satiating us.  Additionally, glimpses into James Murphy’s influence will make LCD Soundsystem fans swoon.  If your feet don’t move during this docu – something is wrong.


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