That Sugar Film:  Saturday November 21, 2015 at 3 p.m. at the Bloor Cinema

Why can’t you stop at one, even of your favourite ‘healthy foods?’ Are the energy bars and protein shakes that your yoga instructor or exercise trainer promote as nutritious as you think? Don’t be fooled! Learn how these foods are addictive and as unnatural as candy bars and pop.

Join Dr. Vera Tarman, Addictions Specialist and founder of Addictions Unplugged, and Tony Vassallo, Man On A Nutrition Mission™ for a post-screening Q&A.

Tickets: $20 ($15, early-bird)


This year has been a hard one.  Sugar has played a big part in my family’s health and how we cope with it as loved ones.  My Dad has diabetes and it’s been exacerbated with a triple bypass this past summer.  My sisters and I were given an instant wake up call to give my Dad a different type of support, getting educated and being more vocal with his chocies which has been both stressful and empowering at the same time.  Hidden sugars and my dad’s love of it has been a battle that is not going away at 75.

After watching That Sugar Film it not only gave me some significant background into my Dad’s illness, where it exists in his current diet that still supports his diabetes and that sometimes it’s not always sugar’s fault.  There are other enemies at work which are just as harmful to your health.

I appreciated the humour vs. horror aspect of That Sugar Film.  The docu was not only easy to digest but gave me a lot of food for thought into the differing diets of North Americans versus our International kin.  We have some major work to do as Canadians.  The first step is not only pushing companies away who are making these unhealthy products but looking at what we need to do to strengthen ourselves to have a safe and happy relationship with our food and food choices.

That Sugar Film will give you amazing snapshots into how sugar slowly starts to eat away inside of us (not only our teeth people!).  Sometimes even those healthy choices are not the healthiest.  Educating ourselves, asking questions, learning how to read labels and take care of our bodies in the present is crucial to our physical, emotional and mental health.

That Sugar Film is hardly preachy.  Instead, it is a wonderful way to start a dialogue with our generation into why we find so much solace in sugar, what it means to us and why we choose to keep turning to a fix that is harmful to our cumulative health and that of our families.

Join Dr. Vera Tarman, Addictions Specialist and author of Food Junkies:the truth about Food Addiction and Tony etc.  This viewing is a fundraiser for Renascent’s pilot food addiction program which opened in November 2015.


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