A Film Must See: ‘Too Late’ (April 29 – May 4, 2016) at The Royal Cinema

John Hawkes stars as private investigator Mel Sampson, who is tasked with finding a missing woman from his own past. With its pulp noir influences on its sleeve, Too Late takes any familiarity there and expands itself further by portraying a veritable carousel of eccentric and captivating characters all along a stylish Los Angeles landscape. Injected with Hauck’s wit and weirdness, Too Late is a definitive genre love-letter and masterpiece to pluck on the heartstrings of cineastes.

Filmed and presented in 35 mm Techniscope format, Too Late is comprised of five 22 minute acts (roughly the length of a film reel) which are woven together to create a contemporary take on the story of a lonesome and troubled detective. This debut feature from writer/director Dennis Hauck was an official selection at the LA Film Festival, Fantastic Fest, Beyond Fest, Raindance Film Festival, Oldenburg Film Festival and Hells Half Mile Film & Music Festival.




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