I Fell In Love with NXNE 2016’s Port Lands

This year NXNE 2016 launched a brand new lakeside live music, festival venue on the east side of Toronto. Friday, June 17 and Saturday, June 18 presented a complete, immersive festival experience in this brand new concert site, across the street from the old Sound Academy, 51 Commissioners Street, at the corner of Cherry Street and Commissioners Street.
Getting there was easy, there are bike paths to the door and there was even a free bike valet parking. The TTC ran quickly and if you fancied boating it to NXNE Port Lands — you could for free.
Friday was co-presented by Manifesto and was heavy on the hip hop with international stars as well as the best of the best of the soul scene. Saturday went deep into Indie rock.
Toronto’s best food trucks showed up, there were art installations galore, cool activations and summer sun soothing beer gardens were all the rage.
The two stages offered a respite from the crowds. If you needed a break, you could hit the smaller stage with a drink in hand. If you were keen to be down deep with the kids – the grander Budweiser stage could satiate you.
The views of the city from the industrial side of the Port Lands was perfect for reflection time. With no grass underfoot, you could easily find a space to spread out with a meal and not be trampled on by fellow concert goers running between stages.
The neat tee pee balloon tents were an awesome shelter from the scorching sun and the bbq meat made for a transformative journey far away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto.
With Club Land, Game Land and Future Land all the rage – it was no wonder that Port Lands was going to be a hit with the locals and visitors alike.
NXNE 2016 was beautifully curated with those special details that spoke to everyone depending on what you fancy. Till NXNE 2017!

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