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‘Media Profile’s’ Holiday Party (December 8, 2016)


Media Profile celebrated their 31st Holiday Party last night. As usual, it was epic!  Media Profile prides itself on being an independent, entrepreneurial and tenacious public relations firm. Their communication campaigns are based on a healthy blend of research and imagination.  They use all the tools in the toolbox, whether media relations, social media, content creation and marketing etc..  So clearly it was no surprise that their holiday parties resemble who they are and how they work.  Think fun, fantastic and guaranteed to go late.

As we made our way through the historic Burroughes Building space which is hipster meets chic. It’s aged brick, high ceilings, swooping arched doorways, NYC elevator shaft and roof top patio – makes you feel welcomed and ready for a good time.

This year we indulged upon only the best high shelf Whiskey and Rye from the likes of Jack Daniels and Collingwood etc. Ninutik Maple Sugar was back (http://ninutik.com/store/home2.php) as they drizzled the most gorgeous of maple syrup onto a bed of ice hearkening memories at Pioneer Village as a child sitting at a picnic table slurping it’s sweet syrupy delights.  The only difference at the Media Profile Party 30 years later, we had gourmet cheese wrapped into the ice hardened maple syrup like an ensconced sweater with the option of having bacon bits dipped on top like a crown.  It was a perfect mate to our whiskey drinks.

The holiday decorations were minimal but emanated an ode to Canadiana, portage scenes, holly wreaths, caramel woods, vintage boat ores and a warm and soothing fireplace. The holiday lights beamed overhead as we relished our gorgeous pints and cocktails and shared chats with fellow glowing guests.

The stand-alone selfie station was ready to go for easy peasy selfie shots which printed up in seconds on the tiniest printer you have ever seen as a takeaway bonbonierre.

The Media Profile signature drinks never disappoint. We loved The Portage and The Evergreen the best. Being greeted at the door by a dreamy waiter with a full tray of signature drinks in hand was a sleek move.  The smell of maple syrup followed us from room to room.  It was decadent, sweet and we instantly felt an nostalgic warmth fill our body.

Media Profile will always be known as the most crashable holiday party in Toronto. It’s epic in stature, the attention to detail is always on point and most importantly the vibe is consistently friendly, accommodating and authentically warm.  Perfectly symbolic of the Media Profile brand and people.

Until December 2017!

Happy Holidays!

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