‘The Love Witch’ Opening Night Screening at The Royal Cinema (January 27, 2017)

“Shot and designed with admirably compulsive attention to tone and composition, The Love Witch is a hothouse filled with deadly and seductive blooms.” – A.O. Scott, The NY Times

“Different from any other movies you’ll see in this or any other year.” – Molly Laich, Vanguard Seattle

Presented on 35mm, with Media Partner VICE!

January 27, 2017 Opening Night:

7:00 pm – Witchy Video pre-show

8:00 pm – THE LOVE WITCH

Q&A with the director Anna Biller after the screening conducted by by VICE’s Amil Niazi

The Love Witch is a breath of fresh air and a fruit ripe with symbolism for discussing gender politics! The film stars Samantha Robinson as Elaine, a witch who moves to a new town and begins to use spells to enrapture men in her path. She fantasizes about finding a perfect love, but as the body count begins to rise from the aftermath of her supernatural handiwork, she finds her haunted libido is surrounded by a town full of people ready for battle. Meticulously crafted on 35mm film by genre revisionist Anna Biller, this is a bubbling potent potion made of equal parts melodrama, pulp and exploitation with a heavy dose of ‘70s Technicolor. This loving homage stands apart as a contemporary genre must-see that challenges gender expectations. Smart and unmissable!

This screening is co-presented by our monthly film series Retropath!, which focuses on bringing the best of the weirdest cult films to hit the big screen.


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