Spring into Spring with Cliniderm® Soothing Cream for Face & Body


As much as I am sad to see the winter go, I’m looking forward to the spring. New beginnings, new growth and lots of fun in the sun!  Changing up my skincare regimen is important as I start to update my clothing choices into skin baring relaxation days at summer music festivals and patio nights with friends and family.

Did you know that Cliniderm® has launched the newly formulated Soothing Cream for Face & Body? The new formula now provides even more hydrating and soothing properties than ever before.

The introduction of Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter keeps skin hydrated during the colder months, Vitamin F soothes and softens dry skin and finally, Rosemary Extract protects skin from environmental aggressions.

Clinically tested on sensitive skin, the Soothing Cream for Face & Body is non-irritating and non-comedogenic.

With a new fast-absorbing texture, skin experiences an instant hydrating impact all the while benefiting from long lasting 48 hour hydration, perfect for sensitive skin needs.

With its versatility for face & body, the new Cliniderm® Soothing Cream Face & Body can easily be introduced into a daily routine.


I’ve been using Cliniderm® Soothing Cream for Face & Body everyday whilst I’m at work for the last month. The office can be very dry and I love that the cream is soothing, provides me with 48 hour moisture, long lasting hydration and relief from dry skin.

I have also been lathering my skin with Cliniderm® Soothing Cream for Face & Body after my shower every day.  I am already seeing the benefits of the 4% Hydroviton® PLUS too.  Composed of Hyaluronic acid, natural sugars and moisturizers it reinforces the skin’s barrier function to increase its capacity to retain moisture over time and stay well hydrated.

The 3% Shea Butter not only relaxes me into zzzz’s at bed time but also forms a barrier on the skin’s surface to help retain moisture. It also provides soothing properties for irritated skin.

The Vitamin F and Rosemary Extract does a wonder on my face right before I apply my make up for the day. It instantly brightens my face up and holds onto my make up all day.

Pick up Cliniderm® Soothing Cream for Face & Body the next time you in your favourite pharmacy.  It is well worth an incorporation into skincare regimen as the spring air begins to hit our skin in the months to come.


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