#hotdocs17: Must See’s Ukiyo-E Heroes, and 69 Minutes of 86 Days

Ukiyo-E Heroes

Dir: Toru Tokikawa – in attendance

The modernization of the ancient art form of wood work, ukiyo-e, in Japan by Canadian craftsman David Bull and American designer Jed Henry, with video game characters!

David and Jed were both underdogs before teaming up to launch the Ukiyo-e Heroes series. They are two contrasting artists with a father and son generation gap: old-school and new-school, artisanal and digital, who need each other to create something inspirational. Two westerners are connected to each other by their love of Japanese culture – it is also an East meets West story.

Ramen Heads

Dir: Koki Shigeno

Follows Osamu Tomita, Japan’s reigning king of ramen as he reveals every single step of his obsessive approach to creating the perfect soup and slurpable noodles, and his relentless search for the highest-quality ingredients.

69 Minutes of 86 Days

Dir: Egil Håskjold Larsen – in attendance

Filmed from one metre above the ground, the camera captures the story of traveling as a refugee across Europe from the viewpoint of 3-year-old Lean. The cinematography is breathtaking, and it views more like a feature than a doc.

With Canada taking in about 90 Syrian refugees a day, this film is very timely and offers an inside glimpse of the trek refugees have to make to get to a better life.



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