#hotdocs17: Reviews (Day 8) – ‘White Walls Say Nothing’ and ‘Bobbi Jene’

White Walls Say Nothing

Buenos Aires, the capital and largest city in Argentina, is known for its beauty but also its tumultuous political history. With their country having oscillated between dictatorship and democracy for over a century, Argentines have endured military rule and state terrorism. But through the creative visions of artists, that history is now shifting as Buenos Aires becomes a famed destination for some of the world’s best murals. Historically, generations of artists and activists have taken to the streets to express their political discontent, filling blank walls and empty public spaces with vibrant images and stories. Today those images serve as powerful historical records and symbols for the people. In this captivating documentary, we meet the artists leading the way in a new and colourful revolution, capturing the story of Argentina and envisioning a brighter future by igniting public space. Heather Haynes


A wonderful window into Argentinean politics and a cantankerous history that has only built resilience and fighting genetics in its people.  The new generation is hard pressed to sit back and watch and instead uses its cultural voice through mural creation and graffiti to tell their stories, woes, hope for change and the commemoration of ancestral loss.  If you are a fan of street art – this documentary is for you.  A complete smorgasbord of talent, inspiration blended with activism that is sure to make your fingers itch towards creating your own personal change.

Bobbi Jene

For a decade, Bobbi Jene Smith held a coveted position in the world-renowned Batsheva Dance Company. She grew as a performer, fell in love and established a supportive community while continually pushing herself as a dancer. But in a bold move, she makes the decision to branch out on her own, leave Israel and head back to her home in the United States. For Bobbi Jene, the desire to explore new forms of artistic expression means breaking away from the life she worked hard to establish. Back home, she faces the struggles of maintaining a long-distance relationship while trying to find ways to stand out in an incredibly competitive industry. It’s here where Bobbi’s powerful ambition comes through as she begins to channel all she’s experienced thus far to create the most raw and vulnerable work of her life. Gabor Pertic


If you loved Hot Docs 2016 presentation of ‘Lady Gaga’ then it is worth checking out ‘Bobbi Jene’.  The viewer see’s the curated life of a dancer and the pitfalls of long distance relationship, re-establishing herself after being in a dance company under Ohad Naharin’s intense tutelage in Israel and a culture shock as she re-introduces family and a American way of living back into her diet.  Perhaps a tad self indulgent in parts and some extreme sexy moments that may not be for the faint of heart.  ‘Bobbi Jene’ is a character worthy of liking and her determination to succeed and living her life to the beat of her own creative and cheery drum is contagious.

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