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Review: Slowdive at The Danforth Music Hall (Friday May 5, 2017)

ATP Iceland Festival 2014

With Brian Eno’s ‘Deep Blue Day’ setting the stage, The Danforth Music Hall felt like it was set for a neon forest filled with ambient light just as Slowdive quietly took the stage cheeky smiles in tow. 

“Today is our record release day,  we are all very relieved it is finally out there,” said vocalist Rachel Goswell proudly before commencing an evening full of reverb for a once shoe gazey now 40 something audience.

‘Alison’, ‘Sugar for the Pill’, ‘She Calls’ and ‘Machine Gun’ punctuated the air.  A heckler demanding songs be played at his beckoning was quietly shut down and called a ‘pillock’ by Goswell at the midpoint.  Keeping it real.  The polite Toronto audience didn’t dare encourage the heckler.  Moving on, just as Slowdive did with a stiff upper lip and a knowing glance to one another. 

Feeling the ghosts of Cocteau Twins and Sonic Youth in the air, Simon Scott on drums, Neil Halstead on vocals and guitar, Nick Chaplin on bass and Christian Savill on guitar curated a set which was cohesive and deafening. 

Closing one’s eyes you could still easily conjure up teenage bed sprawling anthems washing over you much like they did at the Danforth Music Hall on Friday night.  Ambiance.  Reflection.  Quiet resolutions to oneself.  Glancing over at my audience members, the vibe was all about soaking up a live space that perhaps the next time we breathe in the tone of our own lives will be a tad different.

New songs included ‘Slomo’ which was just as beautifully stitched songs from their early work.   Souvlaki’s ‘40 Days’ made an appearance and provided a book end to Slowdive’s newer fare.  ‘Souvlaki Space Station’ was an excellent reminder that picking up Slowdive’s latest “Dead Oceans” not only honours the legacy of their life work to date but gifts the listener with a treat to tide you over until we meet Slowdive again.



Standing in Line at #hotdocs17: Lovers Leap from TWG Tea


There have been moments during Hot Docs 2017 where I have been feeling the love as the filmmakers speak so passionately about their films and their subjects.

 Lovers Leap has been illuminating those moments. With long, amber-coloured leaves, this TWG Tea harvest boasts a fruity and malty taste. Let your imagination carry you away on an exotic journey to the Ceylon highlands.

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Standing in Line at #hotdocs17: Magic Moment from TWG Tea


There have been some pretty amazing, magical moments during Hot Docs 2017.   My week off has just flown by.  Grateful to have had such memorable learning moments as I watched documentaries in the nicest of Toronto theatres.  I was introduced to subjects and content that has helped me to evolve and create new stories in my mind.

Magic Moment is a magical potion that unites the delicious character of enveloping black tea, rare citrus fruits and the nutty savours of tropical coconut.  I’m sipping this gorgeous tea at home today as I finish up some reviews.  A wonderful tea to ease my mind and end a holiday.  I’m feeling thankful and blessed. 

Till 2018!

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