Review: Sugo


Sugo on Bloor Street West just outside of Lansdowne station is your spot for the most delicious and slap up Italian comfort food in the West end of Toronto. The prices are right, the service on point and the food – well, let’s say you will feel like you are in your distant Nonna’s kitchen moments after morsels of their food hit your palate.
Sugo opened 6 weeks ago and business is booming. A small shop, owned and operated by some local gents who clearly know the neighborhood and want to keep the commerce local. Honourable. Kind. Hardworking. Generous and having all the makings of a business success story. Classic Italian American cuisine is their mission and boy, do they know what they are doing.

The menu is simple. Meatball sandwiches, veal sandwiches, gnocchi, Peroni, stuffed hot peppers, homemade mozzarella and a homemade red sauce that will make you want to lick your bowl clean. If you have a hankering for Italian food from New York, that will satiate you – this is it. Uncomplicated, fresh and welcoming. Don’t forget to pick up a latte or affogato for the road!
From the red and white table cloths, vintage wooden chairs and boxing shots of framed fighters set the scene, the foosball table is kept hot by locals who are full of giggles, screams of delight as they munch on appetizers, while others dig into their meals quietly.
Three must have small plates to indulge upon if you are wanting an introduction to Sugo and need a quick Italian meal fix are the Caprese Salad, meatballs and a stuffed pepper or two. The whole meal will cost you less than $20. Filling, rustically plated and definitely a win!

The Caprese Salad is perfect. The mozzarella is made every day if not every other day in house, delicious, succulent and oh so creamy. With some freshly cut tomatoes and olive oil, the mozzarella shines. It’s a wonderful dish to have to warm up your appetite and belly.
The Meatballs at Sugo are lovingly fashioned. Sitting in a bed of Sugo’s own homemade red sauce (which can be purchased for $10 to take home with you), Sugo’s Meatballs will encourage you to have more than one in a sitting. Luscious, tasty and perfectly seasoned.
Lastly, the stuffed pepper is succulent. Think a mild Hungarian banana pepper which has a tad kick. We loved how the Sugo’s staple red sauce accentuated the peppers flavours and added a slurpable vibe to the dish. I would encourage you to have a few of these peppers on the side if you are sharing dishes with friends and family. They are a conversation warming plate.  Make a trip to the west end of Toronto soon before summer’s end and pick up some of Sugo’s delights. If you can’t eat in and take in the atmosphere on their stoop, take food to go along with some red sauce. I promise, once you’ve tried it – you may want to take home a few jars for some late night reminiscing.

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