Review: M. Wells Dinette (Queens, New York)


When you venture over to MOMA PS1 on a Sunday afternoon, brunch at M. Wells Dinette is a must. Not only will it satiate you but it will provide you with a feeling of calm as you sit quietly in a school lunch room dining alongside other patrons much like you did as a little one.
Upon my recent visit to Queens, New York in the Fall of 2017 – M. Wells Dinette was on the top of my list. After seeing the likes of Anthony Bourdain giving them major props – I figured, if Bourdain gave them a go, so should I!
I like mom and pop resto’s when I travel. Off the beaten path, relaxed, homey and staff that let me do my thing in a quiet corner. M. Wells Dinette fit all of those pieces to a T.
To start, I encourage you to dwell upon the Tuscan, Kale and Lemon Salad. Think currants, shaved pecorino that build upon the simplicity of a hearty kale salad. The lemon was soaked up into the kale leaves and provided an explosion of zesty flavour in every bite. Refreshing and clean. This salad will linger with you throughout your travel day. A healthy choice for those in your group who want something light.
Next, I indulged upon the Capellini and Crayfish Pasta which came with bonito flakes in light red gravy. Think simple. Tuscan, robust and knee knuckling delicious. If you check out M. Wells Dinette for anything before you go back to work and school this Christmas break – grab a bowl of this pasta. This meal is inspired by Chef Damien’s Georgian roots. A true measure of comfort in a bowl. The thinly veined capellini was cooked beautifully, rustically favoured with only the crayfish to support it. I felt every bone in my body instantly soothed after days of walking city blocks in the cold. Something I could have easily written home about in a heartbeat.

I luxuriated with a ginger beer from Regatta as I took in the space. White walls, school inspired tables and chairs, friendly staff and an ambiance that was befitting for a relaxed Sunday afternoon with friends and family. M. Wells Dinette is the perfect tucked away spot and just a hop, skip and a jump away from the subway line.
A space that is great for a tourist visit but also frequented by locals. When I was enjoying my meal, I observed many a young couple with their little ones, families and even single folk milling about having a coffee, nice conversation over warm and inviting food.
In the winter season, M. Wells Dinette embraces its French Canadian roots with the likes of the most decadent comfort food. When I visited, one of the owners, Hugue Dufour, was in the basement making Pot Pies as mentioned by my server, Montana. In Canada we say – Pot Pies for all!
The restorative vibe didn’t end there. After you have a nice meal with the team at M. Wells Dinette consider walking around MOMA PS1 and taking in some of the most lovely art in your own time.
Queens, New York is the place to visit when in town. M. Wells Dinette will take care of the hospitality and provide you with a nourishing meal before you head off for another adventure in MOMA PS1 or for more local fun and frivolity.
Happy New Year!


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