Monthly Archives: June 2018

New Beginnings


Happy Summer Readers!

It’s been a moment.   🙂

Some of you know, but I’ve been away on holiday.  Long overdue to work through some thoughts and get ready for a new year of change that’s happening  in September.  I have lots to share this summer – the big one is my holiday in Japan.

Anthony Bourdain amongst other chefs and travel writers inspired my time away and I’d be hard pressed not to mention Bourdain in the posts ahead.  His words pushed me to be a confident solo female traveller, eat with the locals, absorb art, live outside my head for 2 weeks, open up and meet people and just soak up culture at the ground level.  Amazing learning.  In the process, I learned so much about myself.

I wish the same for you in your travels this summer.  More to come!


Melanie @ thirtyfourflavours