Japan Travel Day 2 – Hiroshima and Miyajima Island Sights



Hiroshima and Miyajima Island

Book your ticket on the Shinkansen the day before at the Midori-no-madoguchi office in your local JR Rail Station and grab the earliest train out of Osaka. You will arrive at the Hiroshima JR Rail station. Find the Information Office, they will direct you to where you can find the local sightseeing bus which is free with your JR Rail Pass. If you have time, grab the map on the bus and it will take you to the main sights in Hiroshima. I really liked the Orange Route as it took me to the Atomic Bomb Dome, The Peace Memorial Park and the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for Atomic Bomb Victims.

After you spend half the day or more in Hiroshima take the same sightseeing bus back to the JR Rail Station and grab the local train to Miyajima Island. The Miyajima-guchi is 9th station from Hiroshima. Trip time is about 30 minutes.



After get off the train at Miyajima-guchi, you will transfer onto a Ferry. You will see the ferry terminal at the entrance of Miyajima-guchi station. It is a 3 minutes walk to the ferry terminal. JR Ferry can be accessed for free using your JR Rail Pass.

The ferry service runs every 15 minutes and every 10 minutes in peak season. Usually three boats are operated continuously.



It is very short cruise to Miyajima. It takes only 10 minutes. The big Torii Gate of Itukushima Shrine is usually on your right side.

Miyajima Island was a dream and probably my favourite place in Japan! An awesome Pagoda, a serene shrine and the Torii sea gate was epic. The side streets were so calming to get lost in. I sat on the beach for a few hours and took it all in and I’m no beach girl. Say hello to the wandering deer on the island. Pure magic.


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