Japan Travel – Shopping Adventures in Daiso, Muji, Tokyo Hands and Don Quijote



Shopping in Tokyo

When I get to a new city I always like to get a lay of the land by checking out some stores and their pricing. Keep in mind Tokyo is far more expensive than Osaka and Kyoto. I liked the following. But I found the most of my gifts from Daiso (100 yen shop) and Donki for Kit Kat and snacks. I was staying in Ikebukuro so I checked out the Sunshine City Mall. It’s worth a visit it covers everything you may need or those people you want to buy for back home.


I purchased the bulk of my buys at Daiso.  The price was right and I was able to stretch my yen with treats for me and my friends.  I got ideas on what to buy from this link:


You may feel totally overwhelmed when shopping in Japan – because you will want to buy everything but won’t be able to read Japanese.  I suggest you looking up some youtube links before you leave for Japan to get your research on.

What did I buy from Daiso?

Hello Kitty plastic purses for my girl friends back home.  They are cute and every girl needs a make up purse or travel case for their make up and the like.

My Melody make up travel cases which came in packs of two.

Cute note card stationery and decorated masking tapes to decorate envelopes and gifts.

Hello Kitty Ziploc bags for candy treats to give to friends.

Facial Mask tabs for lazy Sunday afternoons at home.

Cute kitchen supply items – like sponges made in shapes of toast and handcloths with Japanese imagery.

Hair accessories to look super swish when you return home.

Wooden chopsticks as gifts for friends.

Origami Paper to pop into frames as art.

Shopping Itinerary
Tokyo Hands
Don Quijote or Donki
Sunshine City (Ikebukuro) 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Daiso – Harajuku https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/shopping/daiso-harajuku – The Harajuku shop is the busiest and also has the most stock. They are also open late.

If you are out late shopping  – check out Shibuya Crossing at night.



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