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ROM: Friday, November 23, 2018 #FNLROM: Lit – Recap


On Friday, November 23, #FNLROM: Lit brought us The Darcys and complimentary access to the special exhibition Spiders: Fear & Fascination, bringing this season of #FNLROM to a spectacular finale.

Here’s what you missed!


The Darcys’ anthemic music is lush with vibrant synths, 808s, and funky bass that makes their sound feel as at home in today’s modern pop landscape as it would in a crate of classic vinyl.

Underground hip-hop and R&B artist Nana Zen creates unique live mixes featuring modern elements, while staying true to the alternative hip-hop subculture and deeply rooted in her Caribbean background.

Explosively energetic indie rockers Goodnight, Sunrise deliver pop hooks, EDM drops, and powerful classic rock.

With influences including hip-hop, soca, R&B, pop, and country, Dre Ngozi’s music is fueled by a mash-up of sounds.

The GURU bros. (Santosh Naidu and Tej Hunjan) are Toronto’s foremost percussion duo, bringing their unique blend of global groove electronica to soundtracks, festivals, and dance floors all over the world.

Tarana Dance brings their style, talent, and skill to showcase the beauty of Kathak, Bollywood, and contemporary dance to audiences all over the world.

U of T Jazz Stars of the Future rock the ROM with house jazz.

Gallery Experiences

Rangoli Art by Jasmin Pannu: Jasmin is a self-taught, multi-disciplinary artist with works in mural art, and henna/jagua body art. She has painted over 50 murals in the Toronto area, and has toured her art series Wildlife Collection and Cheat Codes in several Toronto galleries.

Saving Daylight: As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, take a look at how humans developed complex calendars and kept track of time for thousands of years from cultures around the world.


Food Fare

King Catering, Gushi, Mnandi Pies, Tita Flips, My Crème Caramel, Hot Bunzz, Born2Eat, Chau, and Ice Volcano Ice Cream.

See you in Spring 2019!!