New York Travel: Zabars


I’ve been meaning to go to Zabar’s for years. I finally got a chance after my visit to the American Museum of Natural History and boy was it worth it!
Zabar’s opened in 1934, with a 22-foot-wide shop along NYC’s Broadway at West 80th Street. The business has grown and now occupies the entire block front. Think hand-sliced meltingly delicious smoked fish, artisanal cheeses, fresh-baked batches of rugelach and special coffee blends.

On my trip to Zabar’s I picked up a tongue sandwich on rye from the deli. The young man behind the counter gave me some mustard and pickles in small containers for the road. I also grabbed a black and white cookie from their café, some potato latkes from their fridge and a Nova Salmon on a bagel also from their fridge. I would suggest having one sandwich prepared by the deli. If you can grab some other items from their fridge then it leaves cash for bakery items and maybe a Zabars shopping bag or two to take your boring lunch to and from work when you get home. 

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