@hotdocs 2020 “A Colombian Family”

When a peace agreement between the FARC rebel movement and the Colombian government looks like it will put an end to half a century of conflicts, 30-year-old Yira visits her mother Ruby in Colombia after spending 10 years in exile in Cuba. Now a mother herself, Yira wants her mother to join her in exile in Canada, so she can give her daughter the family she never had. With a neglected childhood in the shadow of her parents’ political struggles and persecution, Yira confronts Ruby, who is unable to let go of her political ideals to choose her family. It is not just Yira’s childhood that has been sacrificed, Ruby has also sacrificed her own life and safety to such an extent that she must be constantly protected by armed guards. As the peacetime death toll continues to rise, Ruby is faced with a difficult dilemma. If she chooses her daughter, she gives up on her people.


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