REVIEWS: @hotdocs 2021 “Welcome to Spain”, “Taming The Garden” and “Raise The Bar” #HotDocs21

When Seville’s last brothel is repurposed into a refugee reception centre, cameras move in to capture the newcomers’ impressions of Spanish life. With 1970s style and satire, the migrant crisis comes into a refreshingly human focus.


“Welcome to Spain” provides a wonderful lens into migration stories that are often ignored. I appreciated hearing the youth’s point of view. It encouraged me to ponder how we can better support newcomer youth in Canada.

Giant ancient trees are traded for much desired cash and sent to an adventurous journey through land and sea.


A haunting documentary that will make you want to visit a tree in your neighbourhood and not be socially distant.

Raise the Bar is an Icelandic documentary about the controversial journey of a girls basketball team under the direction of coach Brynjar Karl Sigurðsson.


A different take on Mamba mentality? But is it?

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