Check out! @hotdocs 2021 “Generation Utoya” #HotDocs21

Generation Utoya by Norwegian filmmakers Aslaug Holm (BROTHERS, which clinched Best Documentary Feature at Hot Docs five years ago) and Sigve Endresen (producer of THELMA, LOUDER THAN BOMBS, etc…).

It follows four women, all of them being survivors of the horrible attacks at Utoya in Norway from 10 years ago. The film is very much about how pervasive right-wing extremism is, not only in Norway, but to me anyway it really echoed what’s been happening in Poland in terms of women’s rights, and of course the shocking insurrection that took place in Washington on January 6 earlier this year. Generation Utoya very much looks at ONE awful incident as a warning of what could be unleashed if we do not tackle things head on. In that particular respect, I find that the film is really quite timely. But on another level, the film is also about the resilience of four women, two of which in particular, who used their traumatic experiences to become politically active and to do what it takes to ensure that their country does not witness another horrific act.

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