Something happened today….

Something happened today. But before I tell you what happened, let me tell you what happened last week.

Last week, I was on my way home from an appointment and I passed a woman carrying a child at the corner of my street. I wouldn’t have paid her any mind, until I saw that she was holding an envelope with an address on it written on masking tape. We made eye contact and I asked her if she needed help. She was wearing a sari and carrying her son who may have been 5 or 6 and was dressed in a suit. She said she wanted to know how to get to the address on the envelope. I told her it was a long walk. She spoke in broken English and said she had only been in Canada for 15 days. She kept asking me where the bus stop was. There was no bus that I knew of on that street that would take her to the address. People passed us and looked at us. No one said a word. I offered to walk her to the subway and ask for help. She showed me the change she had in her hand, all glistening with loonies and twoonies. I told her not to worry.

As we walked, I asked her where she was from. She said ‘Karachi’. The same home town as my folks. I felt a pang in my stomach. She and her son both looked nervous and confused. She asked me if I was married and I replied, “No”. She asked why not, I nervously laughed and replied, “I don’t know?”.

 As we got to the subway, I asked the subway attendant how this woman could catch the bus she needed. He pointed me to the bus on the platform. I asked him if I could pay her fare to take her there, he agreed. As I left her, I asked her if she was ok, she said yes. I wished her well and carried on home. Something about that whole encounter stuck with me. I thought about it all week.

Today, I ran around all morning to back to back doctor’s appointments. When I returned home, I discovered that I had lost my wallet. Don’t ask me how, where and when. All I know is that I had my wallet when I left the subway station and when I got into my condo it was gone. You can imagine, I looked everywhere and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. After scouring my condo building, the concierge called me and said two cops were upstairs at my unit with my wallet. I met them and they said someone found my wallet on the street and returned it to the police station across the road. Between me losing my wallet and it being returned to me, 20-30 minutes had passed in total but it felt like hours. It is not lost on me, that this wallet was lost in the same area that I helped this woman. Some good karma coming my way? Perhaps? A guardian angel or a good soul? Perhaps. Whatever it is – I’m truly thankful.

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