Fever Toronto presents: Candlelight Concerts “A Tribute to Adele” at the Longboat Hall (May 10, 2022)

If you are interested in a unique musical experience that is guaranteed to provide you with meditative moments – you must check out Candlelight Concerts. Fever Toronto brings Candlelight Concerts to Toronto. The Candlelight Concert series provides concerts illuminated by candlelight and performed by live musicians in some of the most iconic venues.

One of the most sought after events is A Tribute to Adele at the Longboat Hall. If you have tried tirelessly to get Adele tickets or are interested inhaling her music through a classical music lens, this event is for you.

The Listeso String Quartet sat on a stage as a warm collective in the darkened space of the Longboat Hall on Queen Street West. Longboat Hall is a historic landmark space, which embodies an inviting ambience to enjoy live music. Think dark pillars, wooden flooring rafters, chandeliers which has been transformed from a once YMCA space.

When you enter the Longboat Hall, you are met with a litter of candles quietly burning. Grab your seat, a drink from the bar and exhale. The quartet began promptly on time. They played some of Adele’s most legendary songs to date. Songs like, “Rumour Has It”, “Make You Feel My Love”, “Water Under the Bridge” and “Oh My God”. The space, the music, the ambience and the guests – created a deeply emotional collective connection. Guests had tears in their eyes, as they looked upon the musicians and the burning candles below their feet.

The musicians commenced with “Hello”. Listening to the first few notes of this song as played by the Listeso String Quartet will leave you feeling reflective. One of the violinists played music, which emulated Adele’s voice. It was magical, beautiful and most importantly moving. In that moment, I knew I would never forget this performance.

As the hour passed, we listened to “Someone Like You” and “Skyfall” which punctuated the room with elation and murmurs of a singalong in guest’s seats. I gazed upon other attendees above me in the rafters and on the floor; I noticed that the guests were transfixed. The wooden flooring creaked as guests settled into their seats between songs. The hour performance was just right to keep our attention. If the quartet had played another hour of classical music from their own portfolios, guests would have stayed longer to hear more.

Other songs that were on the tableau for the evening included of “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”, “Chasing Pavements”, “When We Were Young” and “Set Fire to the Rain”. The musical arrangements were beautifully curated. One of the musicians, by the name of Ryan, whom played the viola introduced each song with humour, which added to the relaxed atmosphere. Some guests were dressed in opulent attire, whereas others arrived in their after work clothes. After 2 years away from live music – we were present and truly letting the experience wash all over us.

As we wrapped up the evening with “Easy On Me” and “Rolling in the Deep”, there was a noted satiation amongst the guests. Would we attend another Candlelight Concert? Yes. How do we feel leaving the Candlelight Concert “A Tribute to Adele”? Happy and satisfied. As we left Longboat Hall, we passed cars playing Adele through their stereo systems with their windows wide open.


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