#HotDocs23 @hotdocs: The Mountains (April 27, 2023) – A Hot Docs Opening Night Premiere!

The film maker, Christian Einshøj, statement about his film “The Mountains”, suggests,

                “As I was growing up, I didn’t recognize the death of my brother as an especially touchy subject. My parents spoke openly of the progression of the disease and eventually his death, and I was left with an impression of complete openness. But what was never spoken of, was how his death had affected each one of us personally. In turn, this created an unfortunate dynamic inward in the family, where we were bound to a false narrative of everything being as it always had been.”

Review: The documentary of our lives is best illustrated within the memories and artifacts of our family of origin. Christian Einshøj provides the viewer with wonderful nature infused snapshots of his childhood. Within the snapshots, we view ghosts buried in snow capped mountains, rural roads, and summer vacations in a camper van. We bear witness to an overarching family trauma which breathes in the bodies, hearts, and minds of Einshøj’s family. The wounds of the loss beat in home videos alongside the smiles and gazes of his parents and siblings. A thread of everlasting love and heart break is woven into each family member’s narrative. Emotional.

Thirty Four Flavours Rating: 5/5


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