#HotDocs23 @hotdocs: AITAMAAKO’TAMISSKAPI NATOSI: BEFORE THE SUN – Glorious! A must see!

A brief synopsis,

                Native women aren’t given enough recognition for their accomplishments.”

Review: Aitamaako’tamisskapi Natosi: Before The Sun presents more like an epic blockbuster than a documentary. The audience is introduced to Logan Red Crow, a Siksika woman, who is engaged in training to ride one of the most dangerous horse races in the world, on bareback. The film is a cinematic masterpiece. Truly. The film takes the audience onto the golden plains of Blackfoot Territory and provides a behind the scenes view into Logan’s relationship with her parents, her Elders, and Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and doing. From the sprawling landscape of Logan’s family’s ranch, races, the feeding and caretaking of the animals on the ranch. If you love animals and specifically horses, this film will woo you. The love that emanates between Logan and her horses is transformational. The way she prepares her horses for races is moving and resplendent.

The audience bears witness to Logan’s deep connection to her deceased grandmother whose quiet presence is felt throughout the film. An emotional moment is seen when Logan chooses to wear her grandmother’s moccasins for her race as a form of good luck and support. Logan’s entire family oozes the same love for one another and hold each other’s hearts closely to one another.

Logan frames her loving relationship with her horses and being the only female participant of a male-dominated Indian Relay Racing world as a way to strengthen relationships with her family and community, and ancestral traditions. The film celebrates Indigenous Peoples traditions, and their connections to the land whilst pushing back at colonialism in Canada. This film is a relaxing watch and worthy of your time – even if you pick one documentary to watch this HD season.

Aitamaako’tamisskapi Natosi: Before The Sun  was shot on location in beautiful Siksika Nation, Tsuut’ina, Îyâxe Nakoda, Blackfoot Territory, Enoch Cree Nation ᒪᐢᑫᑯᓯᐦᐠ Maskêkosihk, Casper, Wyoming.

Thirty Four Flavours Rating: 5/5


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