#HotDocs23 @hotdocs: July Talk: Love Lives Here

Must be hard to break these
Ancient habits
Hard to kill ’em
Yeah, someone’s gotta pay, gotta pay
Gotta pay, gotta pay for it

Review: With the pandemic chasing July Talk off stages on the heals of their recent release Pray for It, the bad performed at Stardust Drive-in as a way to provide some comfort, and safety to their fan base. The documentary takes audiences on a journey with July Talk to a place and time that perhaps once felt ominous. The documentary illustrates that illness lived within that band at the time which was further exacerbated by stress. Healing as a band was challenged in the wake of the civil rights uprising in the United States. July Talk took a breath to consider their social location and create an anti-oppressive space for racialized and marginalized voices during their performances. As the pandemic and the uncertainty of their collective future challenged them, July Talk innovatively found healing engaging with their audiences while evolving artistically.

Thirty Four Flavours Rating: 4/5


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